A dead Man Walking

A dead Man Walking


A dead man was born.

That was the night; all dark and dim. 1986, March 31th, a dead man was born. Not dead as born dead, dead as supposed to live in the middle of life and death. It was 4 o’clock in the morning. The time legends are waking up or falling into the dream land.

Was he a Legend? Was he a dream? Was he who should him be? Were that all for real?

We will find such questions through the story.

In my eyes, life is nothing more than living between two deaths. Life only takes place as live in the moment, feel the moment, and understand enjoying the moment. Hence, most of the time, it happens between the all two before and after deaths. It could be analogues to a dead man walking; the name I have chosen for this series.

The original idea to write about a dead man walking was not that simple, obviously. I prefer not to wait for a death time to come. I surpass that death time by committing a crime. The crime is about to kill the person, who is not in the mood. This kind of story reflected completely in the Persian story, I have written: “Report from the Murder Scene”. However, writing about that murdering acts were not enough. We also need to know what happens in the mean times. So, I came across the idea to reflect those times too.

Indeed, as soon as we born, we start to die. The slow but continuous process of decaying and destruction of the cells is an undeniable fact in our life. We supposed to live. However, life won’t compensate any meaning without considering death, crumble, and destruction.

I try to go on the open system writing. I will add new chapters by the time I have done them. You may come back to this to check out the new chapters of the story. This story comes originally from the life of its author, may not copy, or sold in any kind of purchases. This story is free to access for all those like it to read.

All rights Reserved.

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